My name is Seonaid (Shona) and I’m an educational coach for homeschooling adults: Not adults who are homeschooling their kids, but those who are taking ownership of their own educational needs.

I’ve had a few trips through the educational wringer, including several years studying and working in adult and higher education. Most recently I retrained in software development, and I’ve spent the last couple of years working in a startup (now, sadly defunct) with a friend.

Over the years I’ve retained my curiosity and love of learning, and I’ve worked in a wide range of learning environments, from non-profits to large corporations, and teaching things as different as “calculus to engineers” and “yoga to pagans”. In addition to my formal education (which I have sometimes described as, “I went to university for 16 years so you don’t have to.”) I have pursued a Permaculture Design Certificate, Yoga Teacher training, and eleven “levels” of meditation training. (That sounds really fancy, doesn’t it? I think I’m going to be able to fly soon.)

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