Things Take Time

“Quick, kid! You’re taking too long! You should be, like, 17 by now, or something!”

“But I was only born 8 years ago…”

“That’s no excuse! Don’t you know that time is money? You’re going to get left behind, and then how are you going to get into law¬†school? What are you doing just lying around looking at fish?!?”

(Please lie around and look at fish.)


Are You Really Stuck?

Are you actually stuck, or are you unwilling to pay the price of getting yourself unstuck? (In the literal sense of “finding a place to live,” but also in the metaphorical sense.)

Come for a walk with me through the snow on the second day of spring, and I shall consider what to do with our minds if we decide we are unwilling to pay the costs of getting our roots pulled up.

Breathe First, Then Act

This week’s Tuesday Tuneup addresses the question of motivation and difficult emotions. I have heard a lot of people say essentially: their anger is justified, that letting it go lets the people they are angry at off the hook, and (besides all that), if they didn’t have these difficult emotions, they wouldn’t take any action at all.

Here’s my take on it:

Fear and anger, even if they motivate us, are *terrible* at telling us what we might do in response.

Even if “everything is ruined forever,” taking a deep breath and calming down before acting still benefits us. (The quote is from the voices in my head.)