Find It and Finish It

We’ve all got them… projects lurking in the corners, waiting… taking up space in our houses and minds. Half-finished blog posts, nearly complete knitting that’s been on the needles for three years, filing that we started but never quite got around to finishing.

Lurking, I tell you. Only not this cutely.

This post is a call to action! Not to eradicate this problem from your life, and not to go through those all projects in one fell swoop and make decisions about them… but to find just one, and finish it. I recommend something small for your first run – something more like a task than a project.

This is Too Big a project.
This is Too Big

Now this may reach you in the messy middle of something, and if you put it down to do this, it will simply become another unfinished project… so don’t do that.

But you might want to just jump into your calendar and block off an hour sometime in the next week to do a FIFI strike. Otherwise, stay tuned… FIFI Fridays are totally going to be a thing.

And when you’ve gotten something finished, pop over to the FB page and add a picture on the #FIFI post of the week… we’d love to see what you’ve been working on!

About the Mitten: This is a thrummed mitten which was knit in the round with a section set aside to go back and add the thumb. Guess who still needs to add the thumbs.